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Operating HDMI splitter

Users first when using the HDMI signal through a standard HDMI cable on the received INPUT from the HDMI splitter, HDMI splitter with two or four or even more HDMI output, which can be received on a local display, other can on the far side of the display device, by adjusting the brightness and contrast on the HDMI splitter, you can put the remote display device of image sharpness adjust to the same effect as a local.
Specific steps are as follows:
1, through the HDMI cable, connect the switcher input port with the HDMI signal source.
2, through the HDMI cable, the switcher connecting with an output port HDMI display device;
3, the 5 v power supply with 4 x1 HDMI connection;
4, the use of infrared remote control switches to freely switch for four-way signal source;
5, the RS - 232 control system can also be used to for free switch four-way signal source.

3D 1x2 HDMI Splitter