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The concept of HDMI splitter

HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080p, also can support DVD Audio, and other digital Audio formats, supports 8-channel 96 KHZ or stereo digital Audio transmission 192 KHZ, can transmit compressed Audio signal and video signal.HDMI can be used to set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, video game instrument, comprehensive expansion machine, digital stereo and the TV.HDMI can transmit video and audio signals at the same time.
HDMI splitter is hd signal distribution up to a display device or a projection display system control equipment.It is specially assigned HDMI signal interface in the form of equipment.
Users first when using the HDMI signal through a standard HDMI cable on the received INPUT from the HDMI splitter, HDMI splitter with two or four or even more HDMI output, which can be received on a local display, other can on the far side of the display device, by adjusting the brightness and contrast on the HDMI splitter, you can put the remote display device of image sharpness adjust to the same effect as a local.

3D 1x2 HDMI Splitter