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The length of the HDMI cable limitations

HDMI cable length limit is one of the main problems, in the return of some consumers to test standard of 28 awg (American Wire the Gauge, measure the cable) specification HDMI Wire around for more than five metres after the start signal attenuation.The length is usually not enough to satisfy the projector connected to the computer.But HDMI organization web page does not recognize the restriction, the web q&a set of HDMI FAQ page records: "we have seen cable without" adapter "cases by not shorter than 10 meters HDMI" standard cable "commitment to test".Existing through HDMI certification of 10 m cable (not use HDMI equalizer IC), mostly using 24 awg wire to make.Some reports pointed out that increasing the diameter of the copper wire in the cable in order to reduce the impedance is one of the effective measures to extend the length of the cable, but there are also reported that 24 awg sizes of 28 awg cable performance is good.Also someone USES optical fiber or two CAT - 5 network cable to replace the standard HDMI copper wire.Some manufacturers also produce HDMI signal enhancer in response to the needs of users.Existing single HDMI equalizer IC, 24 awg HDMI cable can make the best use of length of 50 meters.If you have to provide enough and clean power, can also be concatenated again.